FA Teknoloji Contributor Platform – The Ultimate Guide!

Writers usually look for a platform where they can express their ideas and expertise to the world. For such people, we have created this planet where they can attract readers with their pleasant and attractive words. Apart from expressing you can use this platform for different opportunities too. Nothing is better to get a place where you can attract so many readers for various reasons.

Advertising and Marketing

Here you can write about your brand and get an excellent chance to market your products. We have provided you with space where you can write about the author. Feel free to write about your brand there, or you can also add a link of your page or social media profile details. Make sure that every promotional link used will charge you $25.

Attract Potential Audience

You can also write about your organisation’s struggle and attract a large number of readers. That will also help you become a famous and recognised writer. Later you can post more articles, and this will help to increase your viewers day by day. Our representative will keep you updated about the rising numbers of your viewers.

We Are Loyal

We try our best to treat each writer equally. We try to approve every work sent by writers. Our representatives will also stay connected to you all and keep you updated about any critical information. But do make sure you follow all the guidelines mentioned below. We don’t like rejecting work so don’t give us a chance to do so.

Regular Writers

FA Teknoloji will highly appreciate those writers who will regularly send us work and articles. Feel free to post us to work at any time or regularly to keep connected. We will try our best to approve each work but make sure you carefully follow all our guidelines.

What We Want

We have created this planet to help people get a platform where they can express their words and influence others. Therefore We want topics related to any forms excluding pornography, censorship, and Sexual product promotion. Avoid any issue which you believe are not appropriate and cant be shared with the audience. We would also not accept work which provides any tips that promote copyright laws.


There are a few pointers which you have to keep in mind while writing your article. If your title isn’t attractive, then readers will attract to your work. Apart from this make sure your intro is brief and wonderfully constructed. A reader continues to read the full article only if he likes the introduction.

We are highly against plagiarism. If your article is plagiarised or copied from somewhere, then we won’t approve the piece. The content should not be spammy and make sure the word count is above 1000. If you don’t meet the word count, then the article will only be approved if the content is extraordinary.

If your work has too many errors or grammatical mistakes we might not approve your work. Make sure the work is error-free and right. Last but not least your piece should be well constructed and formatted. A well-formatted work is always more attractive for viewers.

If you want to get featured on our top contributor list than make sure you provide us with regular blogs. Don’t think that every work will get approved. We highly appreciate quality so if your work is not up to the mark then we will reject it or will ask you to review. Get started by emailing us or fill in the form of Contact Us. The email address is mentioned below:

[email protected]